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The Tiki Man 


Danny Lynn aka The Tiki Man starting broadcasting in 2013 out of his love of the tropical lifestyle and Tiki Bars. The Tiki Man has done live shows everyday of the week both from The Chocolate Bar Studios in Harrison Bay and one the road from Canada to Key West. "Being positive is the only way to be and what reflects Tiki Man Radio the most" 


The Original Hippie Chick 

Sunday Mornings with The Tiki Man

 Heather O' shields known as The Original Hippie Chick joined Tiki Man Radio in 2017 and has become a known personality in the Coastal Americana community. Her focus is saving the world one organic item at a time.


B-Dawg & Lou 

Tropical Country Wednesday's 7PM

Brian Parks  also known as B-Dawg joined Sunday Mornings with The Tiki Man in 2019  as part of the show. In 2021 Tropical Country with B-Dawg & Lou (Laura Parks) made its debut and airs Wednesdays 7-9PM


Eric Smith

Ric the Stick’s Hometown Licks 

 The Stick” was dragged into watching and listening to the Sunday Mornings with The Tiki Man by his beautiful wife Patti, with an I, not only once or twice, but four or five times!

The positive vibe was so infectious that he couldn’t stay away. After showing up at the summer party in 2021, he was hooked and started his own show in less than a year. He is super-excited to share talent from his hometown!


Ed The Train Man & Pat 

Road Crew/ Event Coordinator / Picture 

Ed and Pat Contreras discovered Tiki Man Radio some years ago and became fast friends of The Tiki Man and The Hippie Chick. Over the years they've become part of the official road crew. Ed makes sure all artist are on time and Pat is the official picture girl. 


Michele Myers 

Tiki Man Radio Ambassador

Michele and Tim Myers known as The Ambassador and The Bodyguard

came on the scene with Tiki Man Radio and quickly became a spoke person for the radio station and its sponsors. Her natural ability to rally the troops was instrumental in helping Tiki Man radio reach 1,000 subscribers, promoting partners and sponsors products and does a great job.

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Tyler Sheff

Key West Connection Show 

Tyler Sheff is a US Army Gulf War Era Veteran, originally earned his Florida real estate license back in year 2000, he concurrently owned and operated a trucking business, worked as a local Police Officer, Charter Captain and Chief Boatswain aboard a US government research ship.  In October, 2014 he decided to renew his real estate license in October 2014 in order to supplement his income while helping others learn about real estate investing.

Tyler has spent the last few years of his free time learning about investing in real estate. Tyler finds that he truly enjoy teaching others and watching them learn.


B-Man & mi-shell

Tiki Man Radio Songwriters Showcase Key West Bound

B-Man & Mi-Shell are partners of The Tiki Man Radio Songwriters Showcase Key West Bound 2017 in Key West.

Nautical Americana Duo...B-Man & mi-Shell live in Key West, Florida. This page will show videos of the their weekly show "Tuesday on the Island", photos and all the fun they are having playing and making music. 


The Producer Monika

Sunday Mornngs with The Tiki Man 

Monika became the Producer for Sunday Mornings with The Tiki Man one morning while doing sound checks with The Tiki Man, to be honest she's being doing it so long we don't even know how long but you can bet she's always listening and watching.

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