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The Tiki Man 


Danny Lynn aka The Tiki Man starting broadcasting in 2013 out of his love of the tropical lifestyle and Tiki Bars.


The Original Hippie Chick 

Sunday Mornings with The Tiki Man

 Heather O' shields known as The Original Hippie Chick joined Tiki Man Radio in 2017 and has become a known personality in the Coastal Americana community.


B-Dawg & Lou 

Tropical Country Wednesday's 7PM

Brian Parks  also known as B-Dawg joined Sunday Mornings with The Tiki Man in 2019  as part of the show. In 2021 Tropical Country with B-Dawg & Lou (Laura Parks) made its debut and airs Wednesdays 7-9PM



Sunday Mornings with The Tiki Man

Jason Maneke  known as J-Man joined Sunday Mornings with The Tiki Man in 2019. Jason, a former radio personality in St, Louis known for his unique voice denies being the voice of Tom Tucker on the TV sitcom Family Guy, you be the judge.


Scotty The Chill Dyer

Tropical Vibes with Scotty Chill Fridays 7PM 

Scott Dyer known as Scotty Chill Dyer became a fan of Tiki Man Radio after listening to Sunday Mornings with The Tiki Man. When a promotional show Tiki Head DJ for Hour became open he went for it. He got the bug for radio quickly and wanted his own show. In 2021 three weeks after being a guest DJ Tropical Vibes with Scotty Chill was launched Fridays 7PM

DAT GUY/ Conchfish Mayor

Mayor for The Conchfish Nation 

Christopher Ferrara was introduced to Tiki Man Radio by his good friend ED and being the Mayor of The Conchfish Nation in Key West powered by Key West Finest he introduced The Conchfish Nation to  Tiki Man Radio. In 2019 he started announcing the new members of The Conchfish Nation every Sunday at Noon. He may very well be in the witness protection program, but we really can't say.

Alia Moore 

Blame it on Buffett Podcast

Alia's passion and love of Jimmy Buffett inspired her to start her own podcast about Jimmy Buffett. In 2020 after interviewing The Tiki Man he asked if he could carry her show on the radio. Blame it on Buffett airs every Monday at 7PM 

Ed The Train Man & Pat 

Road Crew/ Event Coordinator / Picture 

Ed and Pat Contreras discovered Tiki Man Radio some years ago and became fast friends of The Tiki Man and The Hippie Chick. Over the years they've become part of the official road crew. Ed makes sure all artist are on time and Pat is the official picture girl. 

Michelle Myers 

Tiki Man Radio Ambassador

Michelle and Tim Myers part of The Conchfish Nation came on the scene with Tiki Man Radio and quickly became a spoke person for the radio station and its sponsors. Her natural ability to rally the troops was instrumental in helping Tiki Man radio reach 1,000 subscribers, promoting partners and sponsors products and does a great job.

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