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Childrens Book 

Chirpy's story is a testament to the idea that sometimes, our greatest adventures and moments of growth come when we face our fears head-on.
Fears In the tapestry of our lives often weave intricate patterns that can either paralyze us or propel us towards growth.
the journey of facing fears is an ongoing process. As we conquer one fear, others may emerge, each demanding its own unique approach.
Follow Chirpy's adventure in finding his wings.

Coming in spring 2024


Now Available


Rambling Thoughts of a Traveling Tiki Man

Years of traveling and meeting people have lead me to believe that everyone has a story to tell all you have to do is listen. This is a calibration of those traveling years of Tiki Bar's, Beaches and highways along the way with a positive motivational ending from that story.
Start your day with a short story and a positive note with The Tiki Man.

                         Tiki Man Stories

In this next instalment Danny Lynn "The Tiki Man" takes on a journey of traveling stories that always ends with a positive message for inner peace and personal growth. Tiki Man stories is a continued adventure from his first book "Rambling thoughts of a traveling Tiki Man"


"Key West Chris" Rehm

Things happen in bars that don’t happen elsewhere. There’s no denying that! This is a fun book! Join the author in a fascinating journey, from walking into a salty-dog fisherman’s bar in Cape Cod underage, to things that happened just prior to this book’s publication in Key West decades later. The author takes the reader on a wide assortment of short story adventures and escapades, all of which occur in bars and spans thousands of miles and many years. Many of the stories are 100% true, while others are based on factual events and embellished. Some stories will have you laughing, while others may just stimulate some of your grey matter. So grab yourself your favorite libation and visit the various watering holes vicariously on this adventure! Accompany the author on this adventure tour of bars, pubs, taverns, shanties, and shitholes, all with acclaimed character, and meet the wild, the civilized, the intriguing, the floozies, the intellectuals, and hopelessly inebriated personalities who frequent these establishments and add their own twist to the personality of the bars. To quote the author “If, as a writer you can’t find inspiration in what you see in bars, be it the patrons, or the situations they find themselves in, it’s time to throw away your keyboard”


""Goodnight Ship" is the lyrical journey of a Pirate Captain as he completes his final rounds of the day. As he walks the decks of his ship, he wishes goodnight to each member of his crew, thankful for the roles they play in every adventure.


A young boy trying to convince his older sister he's a pirate. Eventually when his sister let's her guard down and uses her imagination, magically her little brother transforms in front of her eyes.

This book is about letting loose and letting your imagination run wild.


Follow Pablo and his dog Sunshine on their Gonzo journey of awakening and discovery. This saga begins when Pablo returns from his hitch in the U.S. Navy and completes his first two years of junior college. His search for knowledge, wisdom, and his place in life takes him over six thousand miles covering nine states, two countries, and a multitude of players including rock stars, shamans, and Hollywood celebrities. This is the first installment of the Chronicles of Pablo series. Follow him and his canine companion on this trip of a lifetime!


Continue to follow the adventures of Pablo and his dog, Sunshine, as they move their journey of awakening and discovery from California to the Hamptons of Long Island, NY. This book chronicles their continued adventures through academia and the club scene of the world-famous Hamptons. Spend two summers with Pablo and his pals as they terrorize one of America’s biggest playgrounds of the rich and famous. This is debauchery at it’s finest. Come take a stroll with this dysfunctional pair.


Book 3 in the "Chronicles of Pablo" series, takes us from the Hamptons on Long Island on a corporate sleigh ride back and forth across our great country. Follow the adventures of Pablo, his new sidekick, Eileen, and his faithful dog Sunshine as they navigate and climb the corporate ladder. Their journey takes them to Colorado, New York, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and finally back to Florida again. What started as a journey of discovery for a young Navy veteran, evolves into a multitude of life lessons while growing up in a corporate environment. Follow this trio as they spread their wings in a strange new world.

Bamboo Bob is a small time DJ broadcasting from his bedroom. When his Trop Rock radio station is nominated for an award, his wild cousin Steve hatches a plan to sneak the pair down to Key West to attend the ceremony, before Bob's impending job interview. Things get complicated when he meets one of his biggest fans who shows him what life in the Keys could be like.




Todd Norwood


Art HallJayson GladstoneCiara Flynn


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Three years have passed since Bamboo Bob packed up his life and moved to Key West to run his tropical radio station “Coconut Island”. While he has found success, the non-stop Florida Keys party scene has begun to take a toll on his life. From picking up the pieces of ruined romance to nursing depleted finances, Bob is in search of a change. When his newly-reformed cousin Steve shows up with a foolproof plan to launch his radio station into the big leagues – hosting his very own “Bamboo Fest” at a resort in Costa Rica, complete with all of Bob’s favorite performers – it’s a tropical concoction that he absolutely must sip.


Signature Recipes and Noteworthy Restaurants from the Florida Keys & Key WestEnjoy fabulous food from the Florida Keys & Key West - without leaving home Find out what's cooking in the Florida Keys & Key West, in this fun and lively tribute to the island chain's top local restaurants. From signature starters and lite bites to tropical mainstays and decadent desserts, it's a flavorful romp that will keep you hungry for more Whether you've been to the Keys or have only dreamed about it, this keepsake cookbook will stay with you long after the dishes are done. Published by DESTINATION Florida Media Group, KEYS EATS is a labor of love by author Pamela Childs, art director/designer, Marsha Michaels and editor, Karen Davis who have all been residents of the Florida Keys & Key West for decades. The crew also publishes Destination Florida - Florida's #1 Visitors Guide. This fun, whimsical foodie fest includes: -Easy to follow recipes from the Keys most popular eateries -Tropical-inspired appetizers -Inventive Main Dishes -Outrageously good deserts -Annual culinary events for foodies -The Chefs who make it happen -A comprehensive guide to the Keys top restaurants For more local recipes, happenings, restaurant reviews, sample menus and more hit up


In Driftwood: Stories from the Margarita Road, free-spirited Americans fleeing mundane and disappointing lives head south in search of a fresh start. When they end up in Playa Paraiso—a lush, unspoiled beach town on Mexico’s idyllic Caribbean coast—they discover the hedonistic and unpredictable world of the tropics.

Poppa, the savvy, irreverent owner of the local beach bar, is always willing to lend an ear and a helping hand to his fellow expats. He tells their stories of life in paradise, as together they deal with love and loss, vicious drug dealers, charming rogues, encroaching civilization, and a devastating hurricane.

The book’s interwoven vignettes explore the heart’s tug of war between the need for a place to call home and the desire for the freedom to roam.

Reviewers say Driftwood mixes the charm of John Steinbeck, the excitement of Joseph Conrad, and the flip-flop escapism of Jimmy Buffett—all set against a backdrop of stunning blue water and endless white sand.


Butterfly, take me out of this town. I’m trying to leave but there’s too much holding me down. It seems so easy the way that you breeze by. I’d like to come along and enjoy the ride so I can be free like you. Butterfly, can I borrow your wings? I’d like to fly for a while and see a newer scene. Afterwards then I could decide if I still want to run and hide.


Billy is a bully who picks on Grace because she has a birthmark on her face. Luckily, the teacher is there to intervene and teach Billy a lesson. She points out that we're all different-and that's great! It would be boring if we were all the same. We can be proud of our imperfections because they make us unique and special. 

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Scott Atwell (Author)

The people and places who inspired Jimmy Buffett songs are brought to life by Key West native Scott Atwell, who celebrates the 50th anniversary of the singer’s arrival to the island in 1971 with 50 backstories of his most beloved songs. Even the price of the hard copy edition ($19.71) is a nod to the anniversary. From the original tune that forged Buffett’s path to Key West (Railroad Lady) to the song that changed everything (Margaritaville), including never-before published accounts of the “pirate” Phil Clark, Buffett Backstories connects with the people and places that have inspired generations of Parrot Heads. Former Coral Reefer Band road manager Bob “LipBalm” Liberman provides zany anecdotes in the foreword and the afterword is anchored by a map of Buffett’s Key West haunts.


 Mary Ellen Ciganovich(Author)

What if I told you that you can discover a new way of thinking? A way of thinking to keep you free from worrying, arguing or any kind of stress when you choose to use it on a daily basis. “Truth Lives” inspires the reader to look at life with a new perspective. At the beginning or end of any day, this book brings you tools you need to get results for the life you want to create. “Truth Lives,” helps you feel better about yourself as you live your life with confidence instead of fear.

“Truth Lives” is composed of 120 Truths, not facts, unchangeable Truths, to show you a new way to think. Through using these Truths, as your new way of thinking, you will understand how to manage any situation. You will see your life in a new light of love and peace. Your perception of life changes. A new life of positivity is born.


 Chip Bell(Author)He is the author of, currently, twenty novels in The Jake Sullivan Series and, additionally, he is the coauthor of a feature film script, "Cuba Libre", and a television pilot script, "A1A", both based upon The Jake Sullivan Series.

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 We all know that age old desire of chucking it all to run away to paradise, right? What if you did that when life threw you a painful curveball, only to discover the biggest surprise waiting for you within that change – is yourself.
Meet Nick Schlonski as he steps outside his comfort zone, makes unexpected friends, and learns how to see life, people, and himself in a whole new light.
Escaping New York and a job that consumed him for 25 years
Nick finds himself in Key West, thrust into a friend group of unlikely yet real people and characters.


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